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Our Mission

We collect special and unique second hand clothing from people and second hand shops and resell them on an online store. 

At our core, our mission is building the awareness that consumption doesn’t have to create more production. People can save money and still avoid creating more waste.

A community of concuss consumerism. 

LMB serves as a community not only for people who love fashion but also:

- understand their purchasing power can reduce the harmful impact high fashion has on the environment

- believe in our awareness building activism 

- are interested in connecting with and building up others who feel the same

Leela barsky milde secondhand shop online LeoMooonBoutique

For example LMB commits not to using any new polyester materials in the upcycling/embellishing process. We only use polyester that are from second hand sources.


According to the World Resources Institute, polyester production for textiles released about 1.5 trillion pounds of greenhouse gases in 2015. And while organic materials are less destructive, they still contribute to climate change. In general, the problem is increased production and consumption.  

The face behind the brand

I am homeschooled and I've always loved fashion and recreating my own things.

This online shop has been a dream of mine for a long time and a few months ago I realised I have nothing to wait for so I started. I believe in this concept because recycling, especially high quality clothes can significantly save resources and energy in the clothes production and fashion industry. 

Leela barsky milde secondhand shop online LeoMooonBoutique